Real Life Heroes: Life of a Karinderya Cook

Real Life Heroes: Life of a Karinderya Cook

ccording to Julia Child, “No one is a great cook, one learns by doing.” This saying is true to Manang Lucena Cruz Cortez who has a karinderia in the street of Espana. This story goes out to all students and professionals who have eaten in Manang Lucing’s karinderya. Here is her story.

Manang Lucena has always been fond of cooking. It was her innate desire to learn, so she became a good cook which also happened to be the reason why she was able to build a business to support her family.

Through the years, there remained the specialty dishes that she always cooked which became popular to her customers.

But even then, she recalled the moments when she and her family struggled financially especially after their place was burnt way back in 2013. Fortunately, she was not alone in the battle.

In the end, Manang Lucena shared a very encouraging message to those who are also experiencing hardships in life especially in terms of money. Indeed, the love for good food, is what makes an amazing cook, partnered by a heart ready to serve and provide for one’s family, like Manang Lucena.

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