CBRC NEWS LIVE: Metamorphosis, Changing Lives Through Body Transformation

CBRC NEWS LIVE: Metamorphosis, Changing Lives Through Body Transformation

The effects of a total body transformation to a skinny ER Nurse

The body transformation stories that we usually see are those of weight loss journeys. Our story today however, is a little bit off the grid, about how a skinny nurse worked his way up into having a toned and muscled body and eventually fully transforming from being underweight into a hashtag NurseBae, as dubbed by one of the country’s most popular noontimes shows to date.

Sherwin has lived his life with a skinny physique. Like any other person who has always had problems gaining weight, his health has always been his concern. Back then, he was very sickly and has a very weak immune system which became a problem when he started working as an Emergency Room nurse at the De La Salle University Medical Center, 5 years back.

His lack of energy and stamina pushed him to start his fitness journey. He worked out and trained for at least 3-4 times a week for at least 2 hours amidst his busy schedule as a nurse. He said, building this regimen brought in the energy and strength that he has always dreamt of having.

Now, not only does he have a fit and healthier body, but the boost of self-confidence that he acquired has also captured the attention of the social media and even primetime shows.

Sherwin is the very embodiment of the saying “Beauty requires hard work.” Keep it up, Nurse Sherwin.

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