CBRC NEWS LIVE:Metamorphosis: Changing lives through Body Transformations

CBRC NEWS LIVE:Metamorphosis: Changing lives through Body Transformations

Weight problems usually hinder the productivity of people. Sometimes a sedentary lifestyle is associated with the lack of enthusiasm of people to progress in their endeavors. Mr. KIKO DE TORRES, one of our own, a CBRC NLE lecturer, disclosed his story on the wonders of Body Transformation.

Sir Kiko’s weight loss journey started like any other person who struggled with the deteriorating metabolism of adulthood.

The criticisms of other people and the abrupt changes to his daily activities made him realize to shift his lifestyle.

Of course, achieving your dream body requires hard work.

Going through the changes made Sir Kiko realize that he’s still capable of doing more than he’s used to. His self-confidence peaked which made him the person that he is now.

It is easy for us to be inspired and be motivated to start something that could change the way we are running our lives, especially when we see the changes in other people, but like Sir Kiko, the real challenge here, is to maintain the regimen and to think about the positive effects of the lifestyle change to our future.

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